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Mortgage Rates: Hovering Near All-Time Lows

Borrowing costs improved once again today. Mortgage rates are hovering near all-time lows.

Though many lenders have greatly improved their consumer rate quotes over the past two weeks, we must point out an increased amount of variety in what individual lenders are now quoting as their Best Execution rates.  This is a factor of price volatility in the secondary mortgage market. Unfortunately when volatility picks up in the secondary mortgage market, the cost of doing business gets more expensive for lenders (hedging costs go up). Those added costs are usually passed down to consumers via extra margin in rate sheets. These costs are unavoidable. The best thing for mortgage rates right now is stability. Additionally, some lenders have been adjusting their loan pricing strategies to better control the flow of new loan originations.  To put it more simply, some lenders are busier than others and can’t take-in anymore business, so they’ve pushed rates higher to encourage consumers to either wait it out or find another lender before rates rise.

CURRENT MARKET*: The Best Execution 30-year fixed mortgage rate  has fallen to 4.125%.  Several lenders are willing to offer 4.000% and even 3.875% is possible for those interested in buying down their rate. 4.250% is widely-available. On FHA/VA 30 year fixed Best Execution is 4.000%, but 3.875 and even 3.750 are available with additional closing costs.  15 year fixed conventional loans are best priced at 3.625% but we’re seeing aggressive quotes as low as 3.375%. Five year ARMs are still best priced at 3.25. ARMs seem to have bottomed out.


GUIDANCE: If you missed the boat on record low mortgage rates last November/October, the opportunity is still out there for the taking. And we think you should jump on it as soon as possible. The risks involved in floating have greatly expanded to include (1) lenders taking it upon themselves to negatively adjust rate sheets (to slow loan production) and (2) interest rates finding a bottom and moving higher on their own.   The frustration of missing out on “high 3’s” and instead getting “low 4’s” seems nowhere near as bad as the frustration of missing out on a refi opportunity (moving from 5% to 4.25% for instance) altogether.


Mortgage Rates: Hovering Near All-Time Lows.