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Coping with growth a big challenge for city

“If you want to run with the big dogs you have to pee in the tall grass”

That’s a saying a mentor of mine used to say, I never understood it fully but I guess it means that if you want to succeed you have to do the things that other successful people do.

Auckland is once again in the news and rightfully so, it’s our nations largest city and as such offers our nations investors the most opportunities…that is if you are ready to run with the big dogs.

Economists, developers, real estate companies and the Reserve Bank are all telling us one thing, albeit in slightly different ways, Auckland is where it is at.

Ensuring Auckland copes with growth and has enough offices, apartments and shops is one of the biggest challenges the city faces, according to Auckland Council’s chief economist Geoff Cooper.

The city centre commanded a significant productivity premium over the rest of New Zealand and so ensuring the growth of this area was an important issue for the entire country, Cooper said.

He was commenting after Colliers International released a study showing Auckland needed the equivalent of 54 buildings of the scale of the PwC Tower, Metropolis block and the Downtown mall in a little under two decades to cope with another 500,000 people.

Coping with growth a big challenge for city | Rich Mastery.