The Lifestyle Builder

The Lifestyle Builder has been in development since 1996 and has been constantly updated as new products and strategies become available.

The aim of the Lifestyle Builder is to help each Client:
• Decrease personal debt
• Increase financial security
• Develop financial independence

We help you to achieve these objectives by offering a broad range of financial services, and establishing a long-term relationship with each Client.

Our strategy is aimed at focusing on the areas of your finances you deem to be the most important and is designed to help you achieve your long term financial goals without having to change your lifestyle.

What Services Can You Provide?


money2At Professional Investment Services we can provide a comprehensive range of services that will ensure you, our client is cared for in the manner you expect.

The following is a list of our services. We are also strategically placed to introduce you to other industry professionals who may be of assistance to you should the need arise.

* Financial Planning

* Budgeting

* Wealth Creation

* Investment Planning

* Cash Management

* Loan Facilities

* Debt Structuring

* Debt Management

* Debt Consolidation

* Insurance Services

* Retirement Planning

* Superannuation

* Stock Broking Facilities

* Tax Planning Strategies

* Estate Planning

* KiwiSaver

* Portfolio Construction

* Real Estate Investment Advice

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