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Debt Management

Want to pay the mortgage off quicker? We can show you how to do that, based on your situation not some generic scenario that might work for someone else, this is designed for you.

Tax Savings

Want to pay less tax? We can show you how to do that in a way that again is based on what will work for you, after all something that Kerry Packer used to do is probably not going to work for you today.

Wealth Creation

Want to create wealth? We can show you how to do that too and in a way that suits your lifestyle.

Lifestyle Builder

Would you like to know how, when , where and what to do to achieve your lifestyle goals? The Lifestyle Builder shows you how you can achieve all those things you dreamed of.


Success Doesn't Come To You... You Go To It.

What Our Customers Are Saying.

Don’t just take it from us, let our customers do the talking!

We have found John and the team at Professional Investment Services to be helpful and most importantly very personable. We know we can call on John anytime, get a straight answer, discuss the pro’s and con’s of different investment property options and balance this to our lifestyle. We would have to say John knows his stuff and we feel confident we are in good hands. If you want to improve your financial situation, we would be happy to refer John and his team to you or anyone looking to invest.

—Darrin & Julie

We wanted to be certain of our future and decided we needed the guidance of a wealth coach.
We met with John and his team back in 2006 and have developed a wonderful relationship since then.
Professional Investment Services have looked after every aspect of our wealth creation needs together with mortgage structure, risk management, property acquisition and much more.
John is always available to talk to and will often go out of his way to meet with us at short notice…….
Thanks for making our financial success easy

—Jocelyn & Ian

We were looking for a retirement / investment plan that would create wealth for our future years today whilst we are still working.
John and his team have provided a sound strategy with a step by step implementation process that is easy to follow. We have just completed the building of our first investment property and look forward to the next one when it is appropriate to do so.
Thank you Professional Investment Services for helping us work towards peace of mind in retirement.

—Denise & Clint


How Much Does It Cost?

Every persons situation is different so any investment towards your future will vary based on the services we provide. One thing we can say though is that your first meeting with us is absolutely free, obligation free and we will inform you of any investment required for any future services.

What Is A financial Strategy?

A Financial Strategy is like a road map to achieve your financial goals. You have a documented explanation of what, when, where and how to do what needs to be done so that you can achieve your financial goals.

What Properties Do You Offer?
Every persons situation is different so we don’t have “stock” that is listed. Based on your personalised investment strategy, we identify for you those properties that would help you achieve your financial goals, These properties can be anything from free-standing houses, apartments, units or town houses.
An authorised financial adviser will prepare conservative ten year projections on these properties showing expected outgoings, income and tax savings.
How Do I Know I'm Not Paying Too Much
Any properties offered to you are based on a requirement that a registered valuation is available. Since most of our clients are borrowing money to purchase the investment the bank usually requires this valuation so that they are comfortable lending the money. If the bank is not comfortable with the valuation they will not provide you with the finance to complete the transaction.
How Do I Know What The Investment Will Cost Me?

We provide a detailed 10 year cashflow projection on each property that we identify as matching your criteria. This allows you to see exactly what the likely income and outgoings are going to be on that property over that 10 year period

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